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Multi-user editing is not easy. Spreadsheets format is not a natural fit when multiple user do editing and are complex to manage. Inherently built for multiple users. Database applications are equipped for secure multi-user editing by default.
Data distribution. For spreadsheets this is a very laborious. Even minor changes trigger additional version updates to all members. Data distribution in a web-based tool is quite simple and fast. No need to create extra web pages, just refresh the current page to see any new changes.
Data Security. When multiple users edit the same spreadsheet, it's not easy to keep track of who did the editng along with where that new data came from. There is no option to give permissions to view a specific segment to various users. Data Security. Control your data in a more effective way through a web app. You can easily set permission levels and also track the activity log of users.

Horror Stories

JP Morgan Chase – JP Morgan lost over $6 billion in 2012 in the so-called “London Whale” incident, largely because of spreadsheet errors. While working on a Value at Risk model, an employee copied and pasted data or formulas from one spreadsheet to another. But embedded errors were not reviewed and the calculations never tested. Reportedly some figures were divided instead of averaged, and there were other mathematical errors as well.