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Multi-user editing is not easy. Spreadsheets format is not naturally fit for multiple user editing and have complexities to manage it. Naturally built for multi-user. Database applications are fit for secured multiple user editing by default.
Data distribution in a spreadsheet is a very hectic task. Even a small change in a file is a big trouble to circulate again to all members. Data distribution in a web-based tool is really simple and easy. No need to create extra web pages. Just update the current page to take effect in the whole database.
Data Security. When multiple users are using the same spreadsheet, it is impossible to track of who edited what and where a new data came from. There is no option to give permissions to view a specific segment to different users. Data Security. Control your data in a more effective way through web app. You can easily set permissions and also track the activity log of the users.
Decentralized communication in case of spreadsheet. You have to contact through email and phone calls. Centralized communication in case of web app. Manage your data centrally. Every user has its own access to coordinate.
Data Management in a spreadsheet is really difficult to handle, especially when it becomes large. There is a big chance of mistakes in data and it becomes slow. Backup of data in a spreadsheet is not easy and secured. Huge Data Management is possible in web app because database has a very strong structural model to store and manipulate data. You can easily backup your data.
Track Changes in a spreadsheet is really hard to track what changed, when and who changed it. Change Logs are available in a database solution to see what is changed, when it was changed and who changed it.